2015 Winter Weather Forecast

As we anxiously await the 2014-2015 ski season, it is hard not to play into all of the predictions of what mother nature will bring this winter. And maybe they are not always entirely accurate, but you better believe that we are checking up on the Farmers Almanac prediction for what this winter will be like in Utah! This year, according to the Farmers Almanac, Utah is expected to receive average snowfall … which at 500 inches, it is definitely something to get stoked about! But, we are hoping for something even more epic due to there being a big possibility of El Nino, which is the warming of the Pacific Ocean. We don’t know a whole lot about weather forecasting, but we do know that if this is an El Nino year, we will be having an awesome winter here in Utah! El Nino years bring in heavier snowfall. So, El Nino, we welcome you with open arms. Bring on the snow!

To get the entire 2015 Farmers Almanac winter forecast, click here.

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