4 Things You Should Ask the Local Ski Shop

A ski shop is a great resource for ski vacationers. It is where you can find information about the mountain, the resorts, and the town that will make your trip more enjoyable. In fact, it should be one of your first stops when you arrive.Go in and talk with the shop technicians. They will be happy to give you the low down on their town and get you stoked about your ski vacation! Here are four questions you should ask the local ski shop:

  1. 1. What are your favorite lifts and runs on the mountain? Cut out the time you would spend wandering around the resort and find out tips and tricks to the local terrain from an expert. You are at a ski shop, so the shop technicians will be able to tell you more information about the mountain than anyone else.

  2. 2. What gear would work best for me with the current snow conditions? Here in Utah, the snow is different. And the weather is constantly changing. Shop technicians will know what gear to set you up with so you can have a great experience in Utah.

  3. 3. Where should I grab some grub at the end of the day? Don’t take the chance of getting mediocre Apres Ski food. Ask a local where to eat. After you have skied all day, you are going to want a good burger! The ski technicians will know some of the best bars and grills to hit up after a day on the slopes.

  4. 4. What resorts are looking the best lately? Get the latest information on what ski resorts have the most runs open and have the best snow with recent weather. Things change fast on the slopes, so it is always a good idea to get the low down from someone who has been up at the resorts and on the terrain.

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