Side Step Travel Troubles by Going Old School

Although we at Ski ‘N See are fans of technology – updating our website and mobile access at each new high-tech turn – we also believe in being a little proactive to manifest a hassle free ski vacation. Our friends at Crystal Inn Hotels remind us that our dependence on technology can require a leap of faith that doesn’t always roll in our favor when internet or cellular access is unstable, or if (heaven forbid) you lose your phone!

Take these steps when traveling to avoid unforeseen glitches…

  • Prepare a travel file with all necessary documents that you keep in your carry-on luggage, including:
    • Passports
    • Printed boarding passes
    • Printed car rental or shuttle confirmation pages
    • Printed hotel confirmation pages
    • Printed ski rental confirmation
    • Printed confirmation of restaurant reservations or special events

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