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This season we wanted to get a group together to try out our demos so we could get reviews on skis from real, everyday skiers. A ski group called The Snowbird Skimums caught our attention. The Snowbird Skimums are a group of intermediate to advanced skiers who want to become more confident on the mountain and have fun with friends on the slopes. They meet up every Wednesday up at Snowbird after they drop the kids off at school. The group was founded by some local moms who love to ski and wanted to have a set day to take a break from their “mommy duties” and hit the slopes with their friends. We set up 10 of the Skimums with demos for the day and here is the feedback we received:

When local retailer, Ski ‘n See, asked Skimums to demo some skis and give our thoughts, we eagerly agreed. No, we are not professionals, but most ski buyers aren’t. So, we thought that might fill in a gap we saw in most reviews. When reviewing the skis, Skimums tried to steer clear of the technical stuff and consider what we would tell their friends about them.

What did we discover? Because of conditions, there was a lot of talk about groomers in the reviews. Snowbird’s groomers on test day were long, hard, fast and sometimes icy. If they say the skis “held,” then they really held. The Mums know powder and some gave their predictions about how the skis would respond in “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” A big surprise, almost all of the skis tested seemed to perform well in crud. Skimums crushed Death Cookies!

You’ll notice we did not declare a winner, because that did not make sense to us. We all ski differently and are looking for different arrows to fill our SuperGirl quiver or something to kick that Kryptonite to the curb with. We also have different priorities and budgets. Whatever you do, make sure to demo before you buy. Most places will credit the demo cost towards purchase. Ski ‘n See has a huge selection of skis and sizes, great service and terrific sales. In the meantime, most Skimums concluded that there are some great skis out there, and we plan to demo more in coming months.

Right now is a great time to get new skis for a deal at Ski ‘N See or ARCS! Everything is on sale, plus, mention the Skimums blog and get a free mount!