Bring a Friend and Try it Twice!

According to LearntoSkiandSnowboardMonth.Org it can be helpful when trying out a new winter sport to bring a friend who can learn alongside you. Not only is it comforting to have someone to enjoy the great moments of skiing, but if each of you pick up some part of it more quickly than the other, you can help each other grow your skills. You’ll come to find out what a great social experience skiing and snowboarding can be… and it’s always fun to have a friend to hang out with in the lodge afterward.Also, many experts agree that you should promise yourself you will go two or three times before you determine if skiing or snowboarding is your new favorite sport – or, sadly, if it isn’t your favorite. Sometimes the second time you go up is the time everything “clicks”. Suddenly it all makes more sense, the way you stand, maneuver, and even fall becomes markedly easier and it becomes about the fun of the next challenge, making easy turns and trying out a steeper hill.

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