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Is your body ready for your ski trip? It’s not too late!

When you’re spending $70-$100+ per day on lift tickets, you want to be able to eke out every last minute of powder pounding glory. But, for most occasional weekend warriors, those can be tough boots to fill. Here are some tips that can get you run-ready in a couple of weeks (or at least closer to it):

  • Focus on the core: A strong core can help your overall balance and take some of the pressure off your lower half…

Sit-ups for your abs, swimming Superman for your back, and plenty of plank time will make a difference

  • Arm your arms: Even the best mountains have some flat spots and strong arms can help push you along and give your legs a rest…

Dumbbell bicep curls, bent over kick-backs, overhead press, and overhead tricep extensions

  • Limber those limbs: Flexibility will go a long way in allowing your legs to spread the load to different muscles on the downhill – rather than forcing the strongest ones to carry the full load all the time…

Hold in place and breath through deep lunges, hamstring stretches – bend and touch the floor with straight legs, spread eagle floor stretch, and standing quad stretches – pull your heal toward the middle of your bottom

Start it hard now and remember that another workout is the best way to relax sore muscles. Then taper off as your trip gets closer so you’re not too sore and your muscles aren’t too tired for the real deal.