Tip of the Ski – Getting a Deal, or Getting Duped?

Ski Rental Rigamarole

Those who don’t have a favorite ski shop in their chosen destination are going online to shop for the “best deal”. The trick is knowing if you are getting a deal or getting duped. Here are few things to watch out for when reserving your online gear.

  • ‡  20%, 30%, 50% Off! Don’t fall for discount over the price. Always check the original price then calculate your discount. A big discount doesn’t mean the best price – or best quality.
  • ‡  Apples to apples – or Rossi to Rossi: Not all gear is created equal. When you’re spending 6+ hours using your equipment, make sure your shop has the newest technology and brands you recognize. A lack of popular brands can be a red flag that those brands won’t let them sell or rent their gear. You might not want to do business with them either.
  • ‡  True demos: Meaning this year’s latest and greatest from the best manufacturers. Some shops actually buy old demos from other shops to make it look like they carry the brands you want.
  • ‡  Hidden fees: How about a “change of mind fee”! No thanks. Ski ‘N See reservations are never set in stone. If that cool demo strikes your fancy that day, no problem. The only difference in price would be based on the level of gear.
  • ‡  Convenience: From shop location and free shuttle to shop service (select locations), to delivery and free overnight storage, make sure your shop offers the value you want.
  • ‡  Service: A lot can be said for a fair price, a good discount, and quality gear, but the health of your overall vacation can hinge on your ski shop or delivery experience. Consider how long a shop has been in business and its overall success. With 26 years in business and growth to 12 shops, Ski ‘N See must be doing something right – in fact we strive for better than right with every customer!

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