Helmet Safety – Are You Wearing One?

It’s not just a fashion statement, more and more skiers and riders are opting in to the idea of wearing a helmet on the slopes for safety. According to a National Ski Areas Association, in the 2009-2010 ski season, 79% of children under the age of nine wore ski helmets. However, only 32% of men ages 18-22 wore them. The NSAA also says helmet use tends to increase with ability level. They say 26% of beginners in 09-10 wore helmets, but 55% of advance riders protected their domes.

A study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that head injury among skiers and snowboarders wearing helmets dropped in half compared to those who didn’t. Some ski resorts in New Jersey and Colorado now require children under 18 to wear a helmet, while many others are considering making them mandatory as well.

Helmets have come a long way over the years with advances in design that allow for goggles to fit snuggly inside the face frame, while not blocking peripheral views. This makes it important to buy goggles and a helmet at the same time, or take in the item you have when you plan to buy the other. Helmets now have clips and fasteners to hold goggle straps in place. Helmets are becoming more affordable and lighter in weight every year. Most helmets are now adjustable, some have removable pads and vents that open and close based on how hot or cold your noggin gets. And, many helmets now have built in speakers or slots to fit ear buds.

Getting back to fashion, helmet manufacturers are coming out with new designs every year to make sure your helmet doesn’t clash with your ski clothing or gear – very important! Kids have some amazing new designs, even Paul Frank is gotten in the mix with Giro.

Ski ‘N See is always a fan of safety; choosing images in marketing of people wearing helmets. And, for the second year Ski ‘N See joined BraveSkiMom.com in a helmet giveaway. This year’s winner is Zoe from Colorado. She picked Giro’s Paul Frank design.

By Kerry Phillips

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