Let a Professional Take the Wheel

Thousands of skiers and boarders take off from their homes in warm climates to enjoy the slopes in their favorites ski destination, Utah. Unfortunately most of them have never driven in snowy conditions and might not, or should not, trust themselves to handle it properly, especially driving up windy canyon roads to the resorts.

Canyon Transportation offers a list of reasons you might want to consider letting a professional take the wheel:

-The right vehicle for the right conditions: Transportation companies in Utah use vans, shuttles, and buses that are equipped with four-wheel drive and snow tires, which make a big difference in gaining traction on snowy or icy roads

-Experience: CT has been serving Utah’s resorts since 1981 and nothing can teach a driver to handle slippery situations better than true experience

-Navigation: Professional drivers know the area and can get travelers where they need to be without having to deal with navigation while driving in unfamiliar territory

-Helpful service: Sitting in a warm van while a driver loads snowy gear after a long day on the slopes is much better than the DIY version

Click the photo to find about more about Canyon Transportation’s expertise and availability.


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