Tuning Your Skis or Snowboard

Are your skis or board not riding the way they used to? Do you find yourself trying to catch up with your friends on the slopes regularly because your skis are slowing you down? If so, it might be time for you to bring your skis or snowboard in for a tune-up. You paid a lot of money for your gear, and you want it to perform well. One of the best things you can do to make sure that your gear is performing optimally is take it into the shop for tune-ups when necessary. Here are some common questions that people have about tune-ups that we thought we would answer for you.

What is included in a tune-up?
At Ski ‘N See, there are a couple of options for tune-ups.  We offer “The Basic” package, and “The Works” package. The Basic package includes a sand-grind base (to clean and flatten the base), sharpening the edges, de-tune the tip and tale (this is so that your tips don’t catch), and a hot wax with a high power roto-bush finish.  The Works package includes a stone-grind base (similar to sand-grind but it adds structure to the base), sharpening the edges, de-tune the tip and tail, and hot wax with high power roto-brush finish.


How often should I get a tune-up?
Ski ‘N See shop technician, Ryan Mazzella, suggests that you tune your skis after every 15-20 days of riding. However, this varies for each skier. If you tend to beat your skis up more than the average rider, you may need to bring them in for a tune-up more often.  It also depends on what kind of snow you are skiing. If you are skiing mostly powder, you won’t need to tune-up your skis as often as you would if you were skiing cold, icy snow. At the very least, you should bring your skis in for a tune-up twice a year. Once at the beginning of the season, and once at the end of the season. Many people don’t realize how important it is to tune-up your skis at the end of the season, but in doing so, you can extend the life of your skis. When you bring your skis in for a tune-up at the end of the season, the shop will put on a summer wax that protects the pours of the skis and prevents the edges from rusting while your skis are in storage.

How can you tell if your skis or board need to be waxed again?
If you feel like your skis are riding a little slower than usual, this is a sign that they may need another hot wax. You can also look at your base to see if it looks dry or cloudy.  These are both signs that your skis need to be waxed. Ski ‘N See offers both hand and machine hot wax separate from a full tune-up if your skis need to be waxed, but your edges and base are still in good condition.

Can’t I just wax my skis myself?
There are other waxing options, like liquid or paste wax, that are easy and simple to do yourself. However, these waxes will not last as long as a professional hot wax.  Liquid or paste waxes will usually only last you about a day. We recommend taking your skis into a shop for a hot wax versus doing it yourself.

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