New 4FRNT Skis In-Stock

Ski ‘N See is now offering 4FRNT Skis as part of our ski inventory for the 2013-2014 season.

4FRNT Skis

4FRNT Skis is a ski company local to Salt Lake City that is “Rider Owned, Rider Inspired”. Ski ‘N See offers four of 4FRNT’s ski models.



The HOJI incorporates Reflect Technology, meaning that the rocker profile matches the sidecut radius. With a 112 mm waist, this ski is designed to be versatile in firmer snow conditions for ski touring. The Reverse Camber feature is also built into this ski, giving the ski maximum float and nimble turning. The Big Mountain features of this ski will give you an unparalleled experience while hitting your biggest lines.

The Madonna


The Madonna is the all-mountain ski for women skiers. These asymmetrical skis are designed with the Contour Core Technology. Contour Core takes into consideration the fact that men and women ski differently. Men drive from their chest, while women ski from their hips. To accommodate this difference the core weight in the Madonna is moved 5 cm rearwards. This lets women drive the true center of the core weight, instead of fighting from behind, while still being centered over the side cut for easy edge to edge carving.



The CODY is the answer for the guys who want an exceptional all mountain ski. The semi-cap construction of this ski gives it increased durability while still allowing you to ride the mountain how you want to. This ski can tear up the powder just as well as it can speed down the groomers. These twin tips are comfortable in any environment the mountain provides.


The Devastator


These twin tips feature Reflect Technology, which allows the ski to edge smoothly and create predictable carving in all conditions. Along with the CODY this ski was constructed with the semi-cap format, for addition support. Like with the HOJI, we find the Reverse Camber feature pushing the potential of this ski to provide maximum float and nimble turning. This ski will perform exceptionally on any part of the mountain.

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