New Plans for Deer Valley Gondola

What’s better than a ski town with one lift that takes you right from Main Street to the ski resort? A ski town with TWO lifts on Main Street with access to TWO different ski resorts! Plans are in the works to install a gondola to connect Deer Valley to Main Street in Park City.

According to a Fox 13 news report, the plan is to start building the connection in summer of 2016 as long as it is approved by the city. The gondola would go from the Transit Center on Main Street to Silver Lake Village. It would be a 15 minute ride and the gondola would run from 7am to 11pm. As a ski community, we couldn’t be more excited! This would mean you could be staying up at Deer Valley Resort, and in a short 15 minute ride get down to Main Street for the evening to catch a concert or grab some dinner. Or you could be staying near Main Street and have an easy way to get to the slopes in the morning without having to take a bus or rent a car. Not to mention the fact that it would give skiers easy access to ALL of the terrain in Park City. With Vail’s plans to connect Park City Mountain Resort to Canyons Resort, this gondola would be the last link needed to connect all three Park City Resorts.

Find more information on Deer Valley’s plans here.

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