Regaining Our Winter Conditioning 2018

Hopefully each of us have been diligently maintaining our peak winter conditioning. But if not, here are 3 great posts for how to get back into swing of things as we head into the fall season. We’ll see you on the slopes!

Seasonal sports can be tough! Summer and injuries take their toll on our winter conditioning. Even our favorite, warm-weather activities, like mountain biking, can fully prepare us for the slopes. But fortunately, many have found ways to smoothly transition into that first run. Check out Solitude’s winning solutions including: water, wall sits, yoga, body weight exercises, weight and gym training.

Not that any of us need any help when it comes to procrastination, but here’s how to prep when you’re down to your final six week. For this program, you won’t need much other than your running shoes. Why wait? Start now!

Strong hips for better skiing? According to some doctors, this is the key to less knee injuries. We often focus so much on thigh muscles that we forget about the other elements that all work together. The Denver Post explains more here:

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