Rental Reservations vs. Walk-Ins

As more of the world becomes Internet driven, more ski shops are offering online ski and snowboard rental reservations. Here are just a few of the pros to renting gear online:

  • No standing around filling out forms while trying to keep your kids from running through the racks of ski gear. Your forms are printed and waiting for you at the shop.
  • Most ski shops offer a discount for reserving your gear ahead of time.
  • Getting what you want. The likelihood of getting your gear level and/or brand of choice is greater if you ask ahead.
  • You can schedule your time to know if you need to pick up your gear the morning you are skiing or the night before.
  • Renting online gives you the ability to weigh options of convenience and price.
  • Placing a rental reservation cuts down the amount of time in the shop and increases the amount of time on the slopes!

Reserve Skis Online:

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