The Right Gear For Utah Snow [video]

You’ve seen it on license plates, you’ve heard it from your friends, everyone talks about how Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. Utah is home to some of the most dry, fluffy, deep powder that you can find. It is one of the best parts about skiing here! However, because the snow in Utah is different from the snow anywhere else, the gear we use is different. Which is why you will see the majority of locals skiing on an underfoot over 115mm (a.k.a. really fat skis). Obviously, not everyone should use fat skis, and the ski you use will vary depending on the snow conditions. That is why it is best to rent your skis when visiting Utah. Here at Ski ‘N See we have experts in our shops that can advise you on the best ski for your skill level and the current snow conditions. Recently, our friends over at Visit Utah came out with a series of videos about Utah’s snow called, “Find Your Greatest.” They asked if we would contribute by giving our expert opinion on how visitors can pick out the right gear for Utah snow. Check out the video here!

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