Group Reservations

Group Codes

Your organization should give you this code.  If you do not know it, contact your organization or email us at: If you have 100 or more skier days (number of renters times the number of rental days), you may qualify for additional discounts.

Note: If your Group's code does not work, it might be past the cut-off date (please call customer service) or ask your organizer if it is actually a Travel Agent Code or Promo Code. Those codes are used in the basic rental reservation form. Thank you.

What gear and rates do we offer? Click here to enter your location and date for rental packages and basic pricing.

Traveling With A Group?

We can work with you to put together a personalized group page with a special message to your members. In addition to a personalized page, we can work with you on discounts and added value for your group based on the total number of confirmed rental days.