Skull Candy, Park City Utah.

In 2003 Rick Alden was on a chair lift in Park City listening to his music, his phone rang. You have been there, you know the frustration of having to take your gloves off, take your ear bud out, get your phone out of your pocket so you can talk to whoever has the nerve to call you while you are on the mountain. Well, when this happened to Rick, he decided he wanted to come up with a way that you can answer the phone without going through all the hassle of dealing with your headphones. This is how Skull Candy was created.

The first product Skull Candy produced was the LINK system. The LINK system integrates headphones with cell phone technology, making it easier to use both at the same time. You are probably saying “So what? Every phone and almost every headphone has that technology…” Well after Skull Candy created the LINK system, they didn’t stop taking their passion for action sports based audio experiences to the next level. If you go to right now there are seventeen different products on the Ski page alone. Lets not forget about the other fifteen categories of audio products they produce, including: NBA, NFL, Skate, Snowboard, Surf, Moto, BMX, HS Basketball, Soccer, and their Gaming products.

I was lucky enough to take a tour of the Skull Candy head quarters located in Park City, Utah. I was taken through the offices and shown the basics of how things run up there. Here are some pics of what I saw.


The hallways are made of concrete, and the hand rails are coping. Its meant to be skated.

DSCN5670 DSCN5671 DSCN5674

Collaboration area.


As you can see Skull Candy does not just produce action sports audio products, they live it. The employees of Skull Candy are out on slopes, or in the skate parks, or on the mountain bike trails trying these products out first hand so that they know what the consumers want. This ensures that you will get a product that you know you can trust to handle whatever you are going to put it through.

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