Snogression, Utah’s Year-Round Ski Training Facility

As we roll through September, ski premieres are starting to hit Salt Lake and the Ski Swaps are helping skiers everywhere deplete their bank accounts. The stoke for ski season is rising and riders are eagerly waiting to see what the new season will bring.  Some riders, however, have decided not to wait until opening day. The kids hanging around Snogression are getting their practice in early as they train for the season.  Snogression is an indoor ski and snowboard training facility.  With trampolines, foam pits, and a ski jump, Snogression is a dream come true for all riders that want to be able to practice new tricks when the snow simply isn’t there.


Kevin Brower, local pro skier, started Snogression in 2011 to provide a safe environment for skiers and boarders to practice tricks and gain more confidence in the air during the off season.  Since then, Snogression has grown bigger and better. In addition to the four Olympic trampolines,  Snogression now has two super tramps for even bigger air. It is the only place you can find two super tramps available in one facility.   The coolest part about Snogression is the training jump that launches you into a giant foam pit.  With a Hyperdrive accelerator riders are able to get enough speed off the jump to throw doubles and 1080’s!


Snogression has created an awesome way for skiers and boarders to practice what they love and meet friends that want to do the same.  Whether you want to learn to backflip, perfect your 1080, or just hang in the air, Snogression is the place to do it.  This place is rad.  Check out their website for info on sessions and lessons


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