Spring Skiing Safety

Along with the beauty of spring skiing comes shorter lift lines, warmer temperatures, and some unique challenges. One thing skiers and boarders need to remember is the changing snow conditions by time of day. The warm temperatures can melt the snow during the day, then it freezes again overnight, making for icier conditions in the morning. Utah’s resorts are always well-groomed before the first chair, making it easier to manage the conditions. As the day goes on and the ground thaws, skiers end up on softer snow and possibly a little slush– a favorite for some spring skiers.

Those sunny skies provide perfect conditions for shedding bulky layers, but skiers need to remember to cover any limbs with sunscreen that could be exposed later in the day. Many prefer to keep some on-hand in case they sweat under their jackets or to reapply on the face after a couple of hours of spray behind other skiers and riders.

Even on clear days, goggles can help prevent wind burn and drying eyes, but for those who prefer sunglasses in spring, polarized lenses with UV protection can help prevent glare and eye damage.

Helmets may seem bulky as skiers wear less clothing on spring days, but most new helmets are well-ventilated and beyond safety can be a great option for comfortable skiing

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