Tip of the Ski: Ski Springy Suggestions

For those lucky souls who live very near several ski resorts – as a few hundred thousand Utahns do – it’s easy to get spoiled and only head out on a huge powder day or wait until the sun is shining bright. With spring skiing in Utah you often hit first chair with a new blanket of overnight snow and people in shorts or bikini tops. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best of the bluebird:

‡-Sunscreen! As they say, apply early and often. The reflection of the snow will burn quicker than any suntan face reflector

‡-Layers – The day will start cool and finish cool, but in between you will most likely want to shed some layers. If a locker isn’t handy, consider brining a backpack for your layers

‡-Don your dome protector – Don’t forgo your helmet because it might be warm, just make sure you get one with vents that open and close and you will get the breeze you need

‡-Sunglasses or goggles – The bright sun bouncing off the bright snow is not what your eye doctor ordered. Make sure to you have polarized lenses and the right colored lens for the reflection

‡-Seek the sunshine – Although you might run in to slushy patches, shadowed slopes can get icy in spring

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