Tips for Night Skiing

Night skiing is a great way to get more mountain time when you work a 9-5 job, or when your daily responsibilities prevent you from getting up to the resort during the day. Night skiing typically costs less than day skiing as well, which is another great bonus. Here in Utah, local resorts such as Brighton, PCMR, and Sundance light up part of the mountain and keep a couple lifts running so you can shred under the stars. There is nothing quite like it! Take a look at these tips if you are going up night skiing for the first time.

  • Get there as soon as it opens- Most night skiing starts at 4:00pm. The sun is still up at that point in the day. Get there on time so you can ski in the daylight for a bit. The darker it gets, the more the temperature drops.
  • Layer- Night skiing is cold. Layer up! Better to have too many layers than not enough. (A down jacket is always a good idea for night skiing)
  • Hand and toe warmers- Bring hand and toe warmers to keep you nice and toasty. Hands and feet are usually the first places to get cold. Keep them warm with disposable warmers. Both are available at Ski ‘N See.
  • Wear the right lenses- If you show up night skiing with your blackout lens, you won’t be able to see a thing on the mountain. Wear a clear or yellow lens to get the best visibility.
  • Follow skier’s etiquette- It can be difficult to see people or objects in the shadows night skiing. Be extra cautious not to cut people off or stand in blind spots. Make sure to take it slow and always watch your surroundings so you can have a great night on the mountain!
  • Try going during a storm- The snow is generally softer during a storm and the temperature tends to be warmer because of the clouds.

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