Saving Money at the Ski Resorts

Skiing isn’t exactly a cheap sport. Between the gear, the lift tickets, the lodging, and dining, it adds up quick! But we really like LOVE skiing here in Utah, so over the years we have found ways to enjoy the sport without breaking the bank! If you are planning on hitting the slopes sometime soon, check out these 5 tips to saving money at the ski resorts.

  1. 1. Don’t buy your ticket at the window– Find a local shop that sells discount lift tickets. At Ski ‘N See you can save up to $23 on your daily lift ticket! It’s well worth it, especially when the shop is on the way to the ski resort anyways.


  1. 2. Pack a lunch– Unless you are ready to drop $15 for a mediocre burger at the lodge, bring your own lunch. Make a quick sandwich and grab some other snacks to put in your backpack before you head up to the resort. If you prefer something hot, bring Cup Noodles or a hot chocolate packet and the lodge will give you hot water to fill it up.


  1. 3. Come Prepared– Make sure you have all the gear that you need before you head to the resort. You don’t want to have to drop a pretty penny on an expensive pair of gloves or ski pants at the resort because you left them at home. Make a checklist of all your gear and go over it a couple times before you leave.


  1. 4. Get your rental equipment in town (and reserve it in advance)– The selection of rentals at the ski resorts is smaller, and more costly. When you rent from Ski ‘N See, you can choose from a larger selection of newer (and less expensive) equipment! Plus, when you reserve online in advance you can save up to 25% on your rentals! When you stop by to pick up your discount lift tickets take 15 minutes to get fitted for rental gear.


  1. 5. Talk to a local– They will know the most affordable places to go and restaurants to eat at. Just ask around, locals love to share their knowledge so you will be sure to find some great advice!


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