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Ski ‘N See brings you four stellar reasons to visit (and ski!) Park City and Deer Valley during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival (January 18-28, 2018):

1. There is a good chance you might run into your favorite movie star!
Have you ever seen Jack Black at a bar? Me neither… but it could happen!! Next week, Park City will be crawling with actors, directors and aspiring film makers. You may see someone famous seated next to you at the festival, or in town enjoying the beautiful scenery, shopping and great restaurants. This is your chance to snap a photo and grab an autograph from your favorite celeb. Trust me on this one, you will NOT want to miss this unique opportunity.

2. You can check out the up-and-coming movies of 2018 when you aren’t skiing!
What better way to relax after a powder day then curling up in a blanket and watching a movie while sipping from a big mug of hot cocoa. Well, seeing a movie at Sundance isn’t quite like that but this is a chance to see the work of emerging film makers. There are premiers of movies that are coming out this year, world documentaries, short films and much more! After taking a movie break, there will still be time to head back up to the slopes for some more pow action!

3. While the town may be bustling, there will be smaller lift lines at the area resorts!
Don’t let the unusually large crowd in Park City scare you away from the slopes! Most of those people are there for the festival action which means Park City Mountain and Deer Valley will be nearly empty. Who doesn’t love a vacant resort on a snowy January afternoon? That’s a dream come true! I know you’ve always wanted the entire run to yourself, especially during this incredible snow year!

Aaaand most importantly….

4. This is a great time to try demo skis from our Park City and Deer Valley Ski ‘N See and ARCS locations. Best idea yet? WE DELIVER SKI & BOARD RENTALS! The absolute best time to rent demo skis for a week is during Sundance Film Festival (Well, it’s always a good time, this is just the BEST time). Why, you ask? You are right. This has absolutely nothing to do with the festival, but when lift lines are short you have an opportunity to rip down the mountain to get the ultimate experience on those skis you’ve been thinking about buying. Plus, there’s always plenty of demo inventory ready for you. This gives you a chance to swap your skis each day and find your “true ski love”. Our Ski ‘N See team is ready to assist you in any way you need and I’m sure they have great Park City advice too!

By: Megan Ericksen
Published January 20, 2016, Updated January 16, 2018