VRBO: Know What It Means and What You’re Getting

Some say VRBO should stand for Vacation Rental Betting Online. While some VRBO sites might be better than others at policing the quality of the properties they list, industry experts say from the condition of the property to it even being a real rental home, you are betting on a lot of variables when picking lodging from a picture or two online.

Managers at Utah Vacation Homes offer some tips to consider when shopping for a rental home for your next ski vacation:

  • Shop around for a property management company that stays in business by keeping rental homes they do not own in tip-top shape for their rental clients and their guests.
  • Property managers are near enough the homes they service to send photos showing the current condition of a property if nee-be.
  • A well-recommended property management company will not only keep the rental homes in great condition, they will tend to any special needs you might have as well.
  • And, go against the grain: If you’re looking for a quiet, crowd free, mountain vacation it’s best to steer away from something in Park City where skiers from all over the world want to visit. Something like the Solitude or Brighton area may be a better fit.

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