The Ladies’ Answer to the Mancation – Ok, men can come too!

Spend a day schussing down any Utah mountain and you’ll inevitably interact with a bevy of bros getting away from it all, together. Some race each other down the hill, some take turns daring each other to ski backwards or down the mountain on one ski, while other groups of mancationers spend more time at the lodge with a brew-ski than on their skis. In any case, you won’t often see as many groups of women enjoying sweet schuss as men.

One program stands to change this phenomenon. If your schedule has no room to “Bring a Friend” in January, YOGASCAPES in Park City is a sure sell for groups of athletic, or wanna-be athletic, women this February. Shannan Hansen and Alex Lemieux have put together a unique retreat that combines yoga and skiing that includes gourmet, organic meals and a bonding experience to warrant a break out of Kumbaya.

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