Business on the Slopes

Golf courses get a lot of attention for being “the place” to do business. Sure, it sounds like a good idea. Mix in a little fun with business. That makes sense. However, we like to have a different kind of fun here in Utah. Instead of driving to the golf course for a few hours to meet with a client, we prefer heading to the slopes for a few hours and taking care of business there. It’s not that golfing is bad, it’s just that skiing is better. Here are four reasons why we prefer doing business on the slopes:

  1. 1. Fresh mountain air = a clear mind! Sitting in the valley, taking in all of that pollution, hinders creative thought. A little bit of sweet Utah Mountain air refreshes the mind, and gets you thinking clearly.

  2. 2. Take a phone call or two, close a deal, get your commission. The chairlift ride up provides the perfect amount of time to take care of business. If you are bringing a client, you have all that time to discuss new ideas and business proposals. Then you have the whole ride down to mull those ideas over until the next lift ride up!

  3. 3. The convenience.  You can make it from Downtown Salt Lake to one of the ski resorts in less than 40 minutes! This gives you the option of meeting at the resort for the whole day, or just a few hours if that is all you have time for.

  4. 4. Skiing is simply the best sport in the world. And if you can work while you ski, why wouldn’t you?

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