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A: Yes, a $4/day discount will be applied to your rental. *This does not apply at the Deer Valley locations.

A: Due to calibration regulations we are unable to offer ski boot rentals without skis

A: We will do everything humanly possible to provide the demos you have requested, and typically do succeed, but cannot guarantee that specific model. We do guarantee that a demo, similar to that requested, in your size will be available to you. Please note your request in the notes of the reservation.

A: Absolutely, your rental technician will assist you with the proper gear based on your requirements and adjust your packages as needed.

A: Yes, just bring in the coupon and if it is current, we will match it.

A: Check our hot deals page for current offers or reserve in advance and save.

A: Yes, any Ski ‘N See shop will accept your (Ski ‘N See rented) equipment for you at no additional charge. If you return to a different location, please have your original rental contract and expect the check in process to take approximately 10 minutes.

A: No, we require original signatures on the rental release form, and we must fit each renter to ensure a proper and safe fit.

A: We offer full rental packages, jackets, pants, and helmets, so you don’t have to miss a minute of your vacation. We have agreements with all airlines, so be sure to request a rental voucher from the airline, and we will bill them for your rentals.

A: Yes, as long as your skis are returned before 10:00 AM the following day you will not be charged for an additional day.

A: We do not. You must provide your own waterproof/resistant boots or shoes.

A: Please return them to any open location or call 801-571-2031.


A: Our AM time period is before 10 AM. Our PM time period is after 4 PM. This effects pickup and return times and how you will be charged.

A: If you have the rental gear between 10 am and 4 pm, you will be charged for the use of the gear for the full day.

A: Equipment is based on size not age. Junior gear is limited to a size 6 boot, 100 lbs, 5ft 0in. Weight is the most critical factor. There can be an exception, so please call if you have any questions.

A: YES. Demo prices do vary by store when picking them up for your stay. However once you have paid for them, you can swap them out at your convenience without paying the difference.

A: Online reservations can be made anytime at your convenience. If you prefer to speak with a live person, please call 1-800-722-3685.

A: The actual time to pick up your rental gear will vary depending on how busy we are. However, reserving online will speed up the process significantly.

A: You are only charged for the days you have the equipment in your possession. If you turn the gear in early you will be credited for the days not used.

A: No. We allow you to use the discount with the greatest value.

A: We sure do. We ask that you make a online reservation and have your ID ready when you come into our shop. Upon your arrival to pick up your reservation we will check your ID and apply your discount at that time. 

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Q: Can I buy discount lift tickets for my whole group?

A: Yes, only one person from the group needs to be present to buy the tickets.


Q: Can I buy multiple days/resorts all at once?

A: You can buy tickets for multiple days and resorts. Each ticket is valid for any day during the current ski season, excluding any blackout dates. Unused tickets are non-refundable.


Q: Where can I purchase Discount Lift Tickets?

A: Tickets can only be purchased in-store at any of our Salt Lake Valley locations. Tickets cannot be purchased at our Park City or Deer Valley stores. Visit our lift ticket page for more information.

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