Don’t “Eat” Away at Your Ski Vacation Budget

All across Park City and the Salt Lake Valley are beautiful homes for rent to ski travelers from all over the world. Property managers point to many benefits of staying in a rental home, including the camaraderie groups and families enjoy by staying in one location.


Utah Vacation Homes points to another benefit of staying in a vacation house – the ability to dine in.  Although some people don’t want to spend a lot of time grocery shopping while on vacation, there are ways around it and all the savings from otherwise restaurant hopping can go toward fun winter activities. Some options to help keep it simple:

  • Find a property manager that can have your groceries bought, delivered, and stocked in your cabinets before you arrive
  • Some area grocery stores will gather all groceries from a list, then all you need to do is stop and pick them up

The right property manager can help you save money and make the details of your vacation easier.

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