Face Masks Ski Edition

Man Skiing on the mountain with a blue jacket, neck gaiter, helmet, and goggles.

Face masks, ski edition. Without a doubt, this ski season will look a little different from what has happened in the previous years. While nothing has been set in stone from ski resorts in Utah, Vail resorts have mentioned that face masks will be enforced while on the mountain. 

That being said, its safe to assume that Utah resorts will follow in their steps this year by including mandatory face coverings at the resort. This means that there will be a chance that you will have to wear a mask while waiting in lines, sitting on the chair lift, and riding down the hill. Lucky for us, winter sports enthusiasts have been wearing masks for years to help keep us warm, protect us from any elements, and play defense against any debris that might be in the air. 

There are several options on the market right now, which is why we have picked a few of our favorites to share with you. Before you purchase a new mask, it’s essential to figure out which type of coverage you want. There are two common styles: full head coverage called a hood, and the other is called a neck gaiter and can be pulled up above the mouth. The mask should fit snug and not fall down but still leave you with enough room to breathe comfortably.

Pro Tip: when searching for your next layer of protection, look for a style that does not include cotton because it sucks in moisture, leaving you wet on the slopes. Instead, reach for one made up of synthetic materials such as spandex and polyester or even wool. 

Neck Gaiter:

Blackstrap Neck Tube – This style is our number one seller for masks this season. It’s popular because of its lightweight technology that is easy to wear and yet it still protects you from the sun and wind. Currently, they are available in one size and come in a handful of neutral based colors. 

Hood Balaclava (full head covering): 

Blackstrap Hood Balaclava– For more coverage during your mountain adventures, this full-coverage hood is light enough to layer with your helmet and goggles. It has a four-way stretch and has a UPF 50+ (UV) rating for sun protection. This style comes in a variety of colors for both men and women. 


Blackstrap Neck Gaiter– This particular style is the same technology as the adult version. The inner layer is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and, most importantly, breathable. We currently have over 15 different color and pattern options in this style to meet every child’s needs and wants. 

It can be challenging to find the perfect mask for you and your loved ones during this time, which is why we encourage you to come stop by one of our many locations for more advice from one of our product experts. We can’t wait to help you have a fun and safe ski season!