Head to Toe: Ways to Beat the Cold

Ski ‘N See shares their tips on keeping toasty warm from head to toe while you’re up on the slopes and out in the cold elements:

It’s no fun to call the ski day early because everyone in the group is cold in one way or another. I’ve got some tips and tricks for you to keep toasty warm on even the most bitter days on the slopes. From head to toe, I’ve got you covered!!

Head – Keep your ears covered!!! If your ears are cold, the rest of your head will be too! If you are wearing a helmet, I suggest a balaclava, neck tube or a skull cap to wear underneath which will not affect how it fits. This will keep the heat from escaping from your head.

Face – Wear goggles and balaclava or neck tube! Because goggles cover most of your face, you’ll keep warm! For the other exposed skin on your face that balaclava/neck tube will save your life! I can’t stress it enough! This can also help prevent windburn and sunburn.

Neck/Body – Layer up!! Now, I’m not talking layers until your coat wont zip up, but three basic layers. If you have the right cold gear (stay away from cotton!!!) three layers is all you will ever need. 1. A nice base layer that you wear against your skin. 2. A mid layer, usually a fleece sweater. 3. Ski Coat – Waterproof or water resistant is best. If you tend to get warm after skiing for an hour you can wear a shell. If you are like me and freeze all day, wear something that is insulated!

Legs – Layer up! Here you don’t need to layer too much. Typically, a base layer will do the trick because you will be moving a lot and getting a lot of blood flow. If you feel you need another layer, go for it!

Hands – Don’t touch the snow! Trust me, I know how tempting it is to reach down and scoop up a handful of snow before you have your gloves on, but don’t. The fluffy white snow will get your hand wet. Then your wet hand goes inside your glove and it’s only downhill from there. If you absolutely must touch the snow or you just suffer from cold hands, grab some hand warmers!

Feet – The most important! Trust me on this one. The best way to keep your feet warm on the slopes is to wear ONE pair of THIN socks (once again stay away from cotton or you’ll freeze). By wearing one pair of thin socks you give your foot enough room in the boot to get plenty of circulation. Once you start adding sock layers you are at risk for poor circulation and blisters. No fun! Another trick is to only have your sock in your boot. Pull up your pant leg (even your base layer) and keep it out of your boot. Again, this will ensure that you are getting plenty of circulation in your calf on down to your foot. Great circulation is the key!

I mentioned to stay away from cotton a few times and here’s why: Cotton will hold your sweat against your skin and get colder and colder as the day goes on. When you wear a “cold” specific base layer or a ski specific sock, they are designed to wick the sweat away from your skin and keep you dry. Overall when trying to stay warm on those chilly days, keep your skin covered while on the slopes and follow these tips and tricks! Have Fun Skiing!

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By: Megan Ericksen