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Ski ‘N See is committed to building customer loyalty and trust amongst all skiers and snowboarders by providing exemplary customer service, offering quality products at fair prices, and maintaining the most competent staff. All culminating to enhance the customer’s experience while making memories on the mountain.

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Who We are: Optimistic

  • Any day on the mountain is the best day despite the snowpack
    or weather.
  • Every customer is my new friend.
  • I always assume positive intent.
  • I love Jerry’s and Gaper’s because I love to share our sport with anyone who wants to try it.
  • I don’t go to work; I get to promote my passion and have fun.
  • I adapt to new situations, people, and challenges by harnessing
    positive thinking.

Who We are: Respectful

  • I think of others before I speak.
  • I really listen to our customer’s needs, concerns, or problems.
  • I communicate clearly, effectively, and honestly.
  • I watch, listen, and learn from other Prostaff, thank them, and
    apply the learnings.
  • I follow the rules and question them respectfully.
  • I care for the well being of our customers and fellow
  • I am accountable for the commitments I make to customers,
    coworkers, and my manager.
  • I always conduct myself in a way that maintains my integrity.

Who We are: Hard Working

  • I lead a balanced life that enables me to sustain my pace.
  • I make personal sacrifices, as needed, to get the work done.
  • I stick to the task until the job is completed, then take on new work.
  • I am willing to contribute more than my fair share.
  • I do not wait to be asked to do work, I proactively look for opportunities to contribute.
  • I don’t shirk responsibility but step up to the plate when the opportunity arises.
  • I look for opportunities to help, work, and earn my keep.

Operating principles

The following Operating Principles are the tenets of our Organization. The leadership team at Ski ‘N See uses these four principles as guidance for every decision. It is our hope that you will hold us accountable for them. We also encourage each of you to consider both the principles and the following affirmations as you interact with your fellow prostaff and customers. 

We Put People first

We Are Innovators

We Are Educators

We Are Agents Of Change