Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month: Gear Guide for Beginners

Learning to ski or snowboard can seem daunting. What do I need? Should I invest in a pass? Do I need lessons? In honor of National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, we built a list of must-have gear to get you started with skiing or snowboarding!

Base Layers

Base layers are important because they keep you warm! Getting cold can really ruin a great ski day, and no one wants that.

There are a variety of base layer types. They can be made from synthetic fabrics, wool, or other natural fibers like cotton or bamboo. Each one offers different benefits that are dependent on each individual.


When on the slopes, you need socks you can depend on to keep your feet warm and dry. We recommend socks made from moisture-wicking fabrics, such as wool!


Outerwear includes jackets and pants. Both of these things protect you from the weather and elements. There are many options and styles to choose from, such as shells and softshells, or insulated. Picking out something that will keep you comfortable and protected is crucial. For example, if you often run a little warm, try a shell and layer different base and mid layers underneath for warmth. If you run on the colder side, try a jacket and pant that offer their own insulation!


Keep your hands warm and dry! Don’t forget this small, but important, item!


One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll have is a helmet. Protect your head from falls, which are bound to happen as a new skier or snowboarder. Make sure to invest in a good one that fits your head snug.


There are many goggle options that have varying lens types. We recommend trying different styles and sizes on to find the right fit for you. Not only do they protect your eyes from any hazard, but provide sun protection!

Ski or Snowboard

Skis and snowboards can be spendy, especially for those that are starting out. That’s why Ski ‘N See offers rental options for any level and price point! Rentals may be a better option for those that want to learn how to ski or snowboard. Ski ‘N See offers full packages that include bindings and boots, and the ski packages also include ski poles. That way, your priority is to outfit and we provide the rest to get you learning!

Stop into any of our Ski ‘N See locations to get fitted and set up. Our knowledgeable ProStaff is there to help get you started!

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