Need a Hand in Choosing Ski Gloves?

It seems like such a simple thing.. picking a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm and possibly match your jacket. That is, until you get up on a lift and the tips of your fingers feel numb or sting from the cold so bad you want to cut them off… or maybe at least end your ski day early.

Three things you want to consider: insulation, ventilation, and water proofing. Your regular cotton gloves won’t cut it on the slopes. Although mittens can make you feel like all thumbs, it’s one of the best options for warmth — sharing the body heat between your fingers. Otherwise, go for gloves with a band and a cuff. One keeps the snow out the other keeps your wrist warm. Make sure you get a material that’s sturdy enough to handle the beating from carrying your gear. Leather is good, as well as gloves with leather webbing between the fingers.¬†Fit is key: Make sure your gloves fit snuggly, but don’t cut circulation at all. Gloves that are too large make it hard to function. Try several pairs on to see if you can maneuver like you should. And, gloves that are too large can leave room for a very cold pocket of air at the tip of your fingers. Try glove liners if yours have a little too much wiggle room. Hand warmers are handy (pun intended), but don’t do much for the fingers, so make sure the glove fits right.

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