Snow: It’s Not Just for Shoveling and Fun Drive Time

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is now a national campaign to motivate people to try skiing and snowboarding – along with other winter sports.

How many recreational activities can you do outside in the cool, crisp air of winter? How many provide times when family and friends can get together to share the experience? How many can be learned at a VERY early age and practiced throughout life? How many teach us to love snow and not fear it?


Skiing and snowboarding let us experience the freedom of gliding down a mountain, the chance to see pristine landscapes, opportunities to meet new and different friends from everywhere. Check out Where to Go for locations near you. Check out the starred resorts and retailers on the states page for the best in what your destination ski area has to offer.

Skiing and snowboarding allow us to get outdoors for some exercise at a time of year when we want to stay inside. Remember, “Humans Were Never Meant to Hibernate”.

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