Taking to the Skies Instead of Skis?

Of course skiing comes first with Ski ‘N See, which makes it difficult to admit that there is anything else going on during the winter in Utah. Truth be told, however, there are a bunch of fun activities to participate in while the ground is covered in white – perhaps after a day on the slopes.paragliding_big


Paragliding is one of the many adventure sports available to residents and guests of Utah. What a thrill it is to soar high above the mountains of the Wasatch Range. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort allows individuals with certain qualifications to launch off of 11,000 foot Hidden Peak. And what a display it is! AppleCore Sports recently skied at Snowbird with clients when this paraglider took off from the top of the tram, floating effortlessly on the breeze like a snow rider floats effortlessly on the soft pillows of a powder day.

Boutique wholesale ski tour operator and adventure travel company AppleCore Sports is locally owned and based in Salt Lake City, specializing in all-inclusive ski vacation packages and adventure travel throughout the state and beyond. Working with a travel planner, like AppleCore, can save time, energy and most of all-money when planning an outdoor adventure. To boot, the best tour operators work closely with Ski ‘N See to ensure winter travelers receive the best equipment and service available in Utah!

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