Top Skis of 2024

Snow is falling, resorts are back open in full swing, and Ski ‘N See is buzzing with excitement. One of the best parts of our jobs is seeing what crazy cool new gear some of our most loved brands release. As each box is unpacked and sent to stores, we can’t help but talk about the latest and greatest.

Something that we wonder each year is, what is the top ski?

If we’re thinking this, I’m sure you are too.

We’re in luck. Each year, Freeskier Magazine tests skis that have the most excitement around them, and publish their Buyer’s Guide that includes their list of Top Skis of 2024. Compiled below is a list of Ski ‘N See’s favorite skis that Freeskier Magazine also showcased. Let’s dive into some of the specs of each one, and why we think it deserves to be a Top Ski of 2024.


Salomon QST Lumen 98

Lengths (cm): 152, 160, 168, 176

Dimensions (mm): 132 – 98 – 120

Radius: 16m @ 176

What’s not to like about the QST Lumen 98. The versatility is unmatched, and surprisingly approachable for the average skier. Rocking a twin tip design and 98mm waist, this playful ski will leave you carving and cruising, maybe even a side hit or two. Just like the name suggests, it shines on the slopes. Experience it’s effortless edge-to-edge maneuverability and fast turning capabilities make the mountain your ultimate playground. There’s never a bad day on this all mountain crusher.

Atomic Maven 93C

Lengths (cm): 156, 164, 172

Dimensions (mm): 127.5 – 94 – 111.5

Radius: 17.9m @ 172cm

Ain’t she a beaut. The Atomic Maven 93C is part of Atomic’s versatile women’s series, and boy does it deliver. Featuring Atomic’s lightweight and flexy poplar wood, strong carbon layered and triaxial fiberglass core (OMatic Core), you get a balance of flex and stability that is *chef’s kiss*. Overall, a great ski for any type of skier. It holds in its turns, and gives you a playful pop when you want it. Blow through pow and carve up a groomer on the Maven 93C.


Rossignol Sender 94 Ti

Lengths (cm): 156, 164, 172, 178, 186

Dimensions (mm): 128 – 94 – 118

Radius: 19m @ 178cm

Keep it simple. That’s exactly what Rossignol did with the Sender 94 Ti. Simple isn’t a bad thing in this case. Built with paulownia wood core and Titanal beam construction to give you stability and power. Pair with Rossignol’s iconic progressive sidecut, and you got a beast. No matter the speed, feel in control on the Sender 94 Ti. Whether you’re catching air or cruising at top speeds, the Sender 94 Ti has you covered.

Head Kore 99

Lengths (cm): 156, 163, 170, 177, 184, 191

Dimensions (mm): 134 – 99 – 120

Radius: 17m @ 177cm

The Head Kore 99 glides like butter on steep slopes. The karuba-poplar lightweight wood core gives you all of the power without the weight, as well as the stability and responsiveness skiers look for. Feel confident as you charge across the mountain without sacrificing any of the playfulness.

Volkl Revolt 104

Lengths (cm): 172, 180, 188

Dimensions (mm): 132 – 104 – 122

Radius: 17m @ 172cm

Charge hard on Volkl’s Revolt 104. Featuring a true twin tip with a full wood core, easily hit park features then carve up the mountain all in the same day. The slight touch of camber underfoot allows for a tough grip on groomers, while the 104-mm waist width gives float on powder. Best of both worlds with the Revolt 104.

Atomic Bent 100

Lengths (cm): 164, 172, 180, 188

Dimensions (mm): 129.5 – 100 – 120

Radius: 19.5m @ 180cm

Part of the legendary freeride athlete Chris Bentchetler’s line, the Bent 100 is right in the middle of its siblings. One of the most versatile skis on the market today, expect that same float as it’s wider sibling, but carve on a dime like its little brother. Experience float with the HRZN Tech in the tip and the light wood core for slashing. For a skier wanting a super fun and playful ski, the Bent 100 is for you.

Salomon QST Blank

Lengths (cm): 178, 186, 194

Dimensions (mm): 138 – 112 – 127

Radius: 17m @ 186cm

Salomon challenged their pro ski team to create the ultimate quiver killer, and the QST Blank is the result. Named from the initial blank slate that they started with, the QST Blank hits the mark for those powder hungry skiers that want an everyday ski. Despite its 112-mm waist, the QST Blank can take you anywhere you want to go. Transition from hardpack and ice to powder with ultimate stability. Whether you’re bombing down the mountain or hitting a powder stash, the QST Blank can truly do it all.

Stop by one of our locations to see these skis for yourself! Or shop Top Skis of 2024 at! If you want to read Freeskier Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide 2024, visit their site for more information.